Steel Screens


Glazed steel screens are made of 100% steel. If bars are present, they are also made of steel. Our Steel screens are used to divide spaces, for example, between the living room and the corridor or between the dining room and kitchen, and they often come with additional doors. In our offer, there are also steel shower screens for bathrooms and showers. For our steel screens, we use slim steel profiles, achieving an excellent effect of a thin steel profile and an elegant appearance of steel screens. Each steel screen is made of 100% steel and comes equipped with steel bars are also made of steel. We use 6mm toughened safety glass in our steel screens doors, and upon request, laminated glass is available, which prevents shattered glass from dispersing into small pieces. In our steel screens, we also use double or triple glazing to achieve the lowest possible U value and maintain warmth in the room.

Standard external and internal steel doors

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Single Doors

Double Doors

Aluminium Single Doors

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