Fire Rated Steel doors

Fire Rated Steel doors

Fire Rated Steel doors

The most popular fire rated steel doors come with an E30 certificate. We call them steel fire doors. This is the most commonly used type of fire-resistant steel doors in the residential sector. For the steel fire doors E30 or fire rated steel doors E30 regulation, the principle is to stop smoke and fire on one side of the door for 30 minutes.

Our steel fire doors or fire rated steel doors have a 40mm profile, and the bars are 20mm. In the case of the steel fire doors EI30 or fire rated steel doors EI30, the steel fire doors EI60 or fire rated steel doors EI60, the steel fire doors EI90 or fire rated steel doors EI90 certificates, the principle is for steel fire doors to act as a barrier to fire and smoke for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes, respectively. Such steel fire-rated doors have a minimum profile of 40mm, and the bars are also a minimum of 40mm. In steel fire doors or fire-rated steel doors from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, the glass thickness will range from 8mm to 16mm.

Each steel fire-rated door or steel fire door is made of 100% steel and comes equipped with steel hinges are also made of steel. We use toughened safety glass in our steel fire doors or fire rated steel doors.

Fire Rated Steel doors

Engineered with safety in mind

Fire-rated steel doors seamlessly blend iconic design with enhanced safety features,

offering a perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless design, these doors feature slender steel frames that not only contribute to a
sophisticated appearance but also provide a durable structure for fire resistance.

Engineered with safety in mind, fire-rated steel doors are designed to contain and prevent the
spread of fire, offering crucial protection in commercial and residential settings. The slim
profile of the steel frames adds a touch of elegance while ensuring compliance with stringent
fire safety regulations.
These doors are not only a vital component for safeguarding property and lives but also
contribute to the overall architectural aesthetic. Their versatility allows them to seamlessly
integrate into various design styles, from industrial to contemporary, creating a striking visual
They must be able to withstand high temperatures, resist flames and smoke, and maintain
their integrity for a specified period of time. The fire-resistance rating of these doors is
usually given in minutes, such as 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes.
Beyond their protective qualities, fire-rated steel doors maintain the versatility associated
with the industrial design. They are available in different configurations, accommodating
both single and double door setups, and they can be customized to meet specific design
preferences and safety requirements.
In summary, fire-rated steel doors represent a harmonious marriage of safety and design
excellence. Their slender frames and fire-resistant features make them an invaluable addition
to spaces where both aesthetic appeal and safety standards are of utmost importance.

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