Sliding Crittall Style Steel Doors

Crittall Style Sliding Doors

Sliding steel doors come in several types

They can be sliding single crittall style doors, sliding double-steel
doors, or even triple sliding steel doors. In our offer, you will find single sliding steel doors with a
fixed panel on the side, double sliding steel doors with fixed panels on the sides, sliding single steel
doors or sliding double steel doors recessed into the wall, known as pocket sliding steel doors,
sliding single steel doors or sliding double steel doors suspended from the wall using a top rail, and
barn-type sliding steel doors suspended on a track sliding on rollers.
Our double sliding crittal style steel doors do not require a floor track. Thanks to our intelligent solution, there is
an empty space between the door leaf and the floor.

Each sliding crittall steel door is made of 100% steel and comes equipped with steel rails, steel handles or
knobs, and the bars are also made of steel. We use 6mm toughened safety glass in our sliding steel

doors, and upon request, laminated glass is available, which prevents shattered glass from fro-dispersing into small pieces.

sliding steel doors

Standard external and internal crittall steel doors

All of this information can be obtained by contacting our experts or sales department using the contact details provided below. We invite interior designers, architects, and construction companies to cooperate with us.

Single Doors

Double Doors

Aluminium Single Doors

How to order

Two simple steps

How to order doors or windows.  Send your inquiry and drawings with dimensions to the email address or call the number provided on the website.

We will contact you to confirm your order and will provide you with all the necessary information.