External Aluminium Doors

External Aluminium Doors

French Doors, Sliding Doors, Bi-Folding Doors,

Aluminium doors used for kitchen extensions, balcony doors, or as terrace doors directly from our living room. We have several types of such doors, such as sliding doors, regular French doors, or Bi-Fold doors that fold in any direction.

All our doors are double or triple glazed, which impacts heat retention in the building. Each glass is toughened to increase user safety. French doors are available as single or double doors.

Doors can be equipped with a PAS24 security package or standard locks, and hinge systems tailored to the customer’s needs.

Sliding doors come as singles with a side panel or double doors with side panels, and if space allows, we also offer Bi-Fold doors with any number of panels.

Double aluminium doors can simply open inwards or outwards from the building. The doors can be connected to aluminium screens on the sides or above the doors. The combination will create an ideal structure allowing natural light to enter our space.

Single Doors

Double Doors

Aluminium Single Doors

How to order

Two simple steps

How to order doors or windows.  Send your inquiry and drawings with dimensions to the email address or call the number provided on the website.

We will contact you to confirm your order and will provide you with all the necessary information.